How To Make Your Dining Room More Cozy And Comfortable

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How To Make Your Dining Room More Cozy And Comfortable

Eating and entertaining goes hand in hand in a number of cultures. And for a lot of households, a friend’s visit would not be complete without a cup of coffee over great conversation. If you are one of those individuals who need to have a cozy place in their house for some quick nibbles and a lot of conversation, or if you just want to have a spot in your home where you can nurse your cup of java and contemplate at the same time, then a banquette can help you with your remodeling in Laguna Hills and style dilemma.

What is a banquette and what is it good for?

A banquette is a long bench which is upholstered and is positioned against a wall. While banquettes are most likely seen in restaurants, they are also perfect in homes. The great thing about banquettes is the fact that they are able to seat one or two during ordinary days but can hold a multitude of guests during days when you are entertaining.

If you’re not so sure as to how to make use of a banquette, below are ways that you may do so:

Make use of different patterns.

The thing about banquettes is much of their charm lies on their upholstery as well as the accessories such as your throw pillows. So if you want to add a pop of color to your huntington beach real estate for sale and make your dining area a bit more interesting, then you can always make use of different prints and patterns as upholstery for your banquette and throw in pillows with just as interesting patterns as well. Make sure that these patterns and prints are of the same palette though.

Design a banquette which also serves as a lounge.

What is so amazing about banquettes is that you can remove the table and it can become a super inviting lounge for as long as the seats are wide and long enough. Have the banquette upholstered in a warm color and then incorporate some throw pillows which are just as as plush and comfortable. You’ll then have a spot where you can laze around during early Sunday mornings. And when company arrives, just pull up the table and you can seat everyone.

Use it to emphasize your windows or a view.

If you have beautiful windows or if you have a view which is just outrageous, then you can make use of a banquette construction to emphasize both. For instance, you can place the banquette against the window so that it frames it. If you want to take advantage of a view, then place the banquette in the opposite wall as the view and then leave the banquette and table open at the other side so that you can admire the view.

These are just three ways that you can style your banquette but regardless of how you design your banquette, you want it to be comfortable. This includes having a padded back for or bolster pillow for your banquette, and make sure that the cushions you use are thick and soft enough to make you want to sit on your banquette for hours.


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