Is Your Bathroom Cold? Heated Under-Tile Floor Mats Are The Solution

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Is Your Bathroom Cold? Heated Under-Tile Floor Mats Are The Solution

heated bathroom floor tilesTo save money and energy, many people are turning down their home thermostats a couple degrees and grabbing a sweater, and while this practice may be efficient in most of the house, the bathroom is one room that can still feel a little cold. Most bathrooms have tile flooring, and while this is practical with the moisture levels in the room, it does have a tendency to leave occupants with some cold toes, and bath rugs and mats will only offer very limited relief. But many are finding the solution to their problem doesn’t lie with the mats that lay on top of the tile, but with those that are underneath; radiant heat under-tile floor mats.

For years radiant floor heating is an option that some have gone to for their whole home, however it can be an expensive way to hat an entire Huntington Beach home. But a bathroom covers far less space, making the option much more practical in one or two small rooms of the house.

A New Trend

Radiant heat mats are becoming more commonplace both as an element of home Orange County remodeling and when building custom homes. They are installed underneath bathroom floor tile, and it’s a great excuse to update existing tile that may be wearing out or out of date. The mats themselves connect to the electrical system of the house and are controlled by a thermostat, which can be programmed to turn up or down depending on when you need them most. They can turn off during daytime hours when no one is home, be set a a low setting for the early evening or overnight, and be programmed to boost a little higher for that morning shower.

An Investment

Installing heated under-tile floor mats is an investment. Normally the mats and the new tile will cost several hundred dollars. The mats themselves will need to be installed by a licensed electrician and a reliable contractor, and you can choose whether to have the tile professionally installed as well, or take on the project yourself. Their thin design allows them to be cut and shaped to the desired size, and since the heat does not need to be distributed within six inches on the tub, toilet, or sink ares, the amount of square footage that the mat covers goes down even more. As a supplemental heating system, these mats can cost $1-$2 per day — if they are run throughout the day. Running during the peak times for your household will typically cuts the cost to near 35 cents, and you’ll find that they continue to keep your floor from getting too cold for a while, even after they are turned off.

Under-tile heating can be installed under other types of flooring besides tiles, including wood, vinyl or even carpet, But since those materials provide a certain level of insulation the system will not work as well as it will under tile, which can feel cold even when the room temperature is comfortable. Under the floor heating is sometimes achieved by heating water from the boiler and letting it run through tubes under the floor. The mats are designed, for the most part to heat the floor, and not the room, which with another heating system in the house is probably something you don’t need. The mats work much like the wiring in an electric blanket, and offer a more flexible and affordable option.


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